Thanks Jim!!

I just heard the news that you won't be back with the Cavaliers next year and I wanted to thank you for your great writing and approach to the percussion section with my ";alma mater"; corps. I really thought your line this year turned out pretty sweet man.

Congrats again and nothing but the best of luck with whatever you do from here...

Ditto! Those have been some inspiring lines and pretty much jaw-dropping every year.

With all due respect to BD, I thought high drums should have belonged to the Cavs this year!
Thanks guys!

It's never easy making decisions to leave something you put so much of yourself into, but it's reassuring when you're proud of your work, and others appreciated it as well. I'm thankful to have been surrounded by some great people who certainly did a lot to make it all happen. Not unlike this forum in some ways. Cue the group hug! ;)

Seriously though, thanks again guys. I appreciate the kind words.
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