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hi, I just installed vdl, and I finally got the samples playing back.  But now, when I play the score back in sibelius, the drumline VDL sounds are very quiet, while the rest of the band is normal volume.  I cranked the volume all the way up on the kontakt player and in the mixer and its still not loud enough. 

Specs: Macbook pro, 4Gb Ram, duel core 2.8ghz, osx 10.5.7.

any help?
A quick search of the word ";quiet"; produce this result:

Make sure you always use the search tool first before posting a new topic.
yes, I posted on that one too, but it said to start a new topic since it hasn't been posted on in a while.  replying to the first post in that topic, it said to click on an output button, but I can't find that in my KP3.  Should it be open in sibelius on in stand alone mode, and how do I get to it?
As per Jim's recommendation [url=]here[/url], you'd probably be better off sticking with KP2. Unless that's a typo and you actually meant to type KP2. 

However, in KP3 (in Sibelius or standalone), you'll need to click on the button to the right of the folder on the main toolbar at the top. After click that, you should get something like in the second image. Turning up the Main should give you an overall increase in volume.
thanks for the help, I had to switch to Kontakt 2 and it worked.
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