Latency Problems

I am running a Malletkat with a M-Audio UNO to a Dell Inspiron Laptop.
The Laptop has 4 GB of RAM and a 160GB hard drive as well as a Creative Labs
X-FI Express Card for better sound and is running VDL 2.0 in Standalone mode.

There is a big latency problem whenever I use this configuration - about 1/2 a beat at 160bpm. I have been trying to use any of the CHIMES sounds and found that the delay is worse the harder I strike the MalletKat.

Does anyone know if there are settings on the laptop or in VDL that could contribute to this?


In the standalone program for VDL2, what settings are entered in the ";Soundcard"; setup area? Latency settings can be adjusted here, and for best results, your soundcard should be using an ASIO driver (interface setting) if it has one available.
Under the settings, I have Direct Sound or Multimedia. I am using Direct Sound right now.
Regarding the drivers, I am using the latest ones available for this card, which are June 23, 2009. I don't know if they are ASIO or not, though.
It will say ASIO or Creative ASIO if available.

Try downloading the [url=]free ASIO4ALL drivers[/url]

The X-Fi card is a gamer/home theater card not designed for music production.
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