Snow Leopard - Information on Mac OS X 10.6

Apple will be shipping OS 10.6 (Snow Leopard) this Friday, August 28th.

Native Instruments (developers of the Kontakt Player software in which VDL runs) [url=]released this statement today.[/url]

Direct quote pertaining to Snow Leopard:

[i][size=8pt]Native Instruments has conducted initial compatibility tests with Mac OS X 10.6, which have shown all current NI products to work without any specific issues under standard installations of this operating system. However, users involved in professional audio production or live performance should be cautious about upgrading to Mac OS X 10.6 until compatibility with third-party audio software and hardware has been widely confirmed by the relevant manufacturers.

Native Instruments is currently conducting further systematic compatibility and performance tests with Snow Leopard, and will provide additional information on this page as it becomes available. [/size][/i]

[i]While initial tests sound positive, we advise you to use caution on upgrading to Snow Leopard[/i] until the various aspects can be worked through more completely. We'll be able to supply more information at a later date after more testing has been conducted.

For those boneheads out there (like me) that went ahead and upgraded to Snow Leopard, you'll find that opening the mixer in Sib 5 causes it to crash. Checked the Sibelius site and they say ";they're working on it";.

Is this still a problem for Sib. 5, or is there a fix yet?      Thanks
I read a little farther down, and it sounds like they aren't scheduling any updates for previous versions.
I can't even get it to launch. Their official statement is that you need to buy ver6. Guess I'll be spending that dough afterall :)
It'll be dough well spent. You'll love the Magnetic Layout feature. The new Sibelius player is also a step above the Essentials sounds in 5.
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