Mouse or Trackball... and why?

So, I've been using the standard mouse, and have had friends telling me for years that trackball is the way to go.

If you ever converted to a trackball from a mouse, and stuck with it, what about it did you like most? I'm sure the whole not needing extra desk space is nice - anything else?
I was a trackball guy years ago- back when mouse balls were always dirty and cords would get tangled.  Then came the wireless optical mice and a scroll wheel that does up/down and sideways.  Side-scrolling in a music or video program is really nice.  It also has buttons that do forward/back in the web browser. 

I notice people that complain about the mouse usually have it set to the stock sensitivity and move their arm and wrist all around their mouse pad.  I set mine pretty high so I barely even need to move my wrist- mostly just fingers.
I use a trackball with my laptop/traveling ";rig"; and an optical wireless mouse with my desktop.  I would say I like the trackball a little better than the mouse.  I got the trackball for my laptop b/c I was tired of using the mouse pad.  The biggest advantage the trackball is comfort; but I'm sure that has a lot to do with the model: [url=]Microsoft Trackball Explorer.[/url]  I don't think they make this one anymore, but Logitech has a [url=]similar model.[/url]  For what it's worth, I've used other types of trackballs over the years like the one with the [url=]";thumb"; trackball[/url] and some of the [url=]Kensington models,[/url] but I couldn't train my hand to work the thumb trackball very well, and the Kensington wasn't very comfortable - although there are people out there who use them and swear by them.  And I'm sure there are also some very comfortable mice (mouses?) out there.  I would suggest going to a Best Buy/Office Depot store and placing your hand on the different models to see which one you like the best.

Hope this helps....
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