how do i register my library

I bought VDL a month ago and when I try to use it in finale I get the message ";library not registered.";  I also get it when I open Kontak player 2 file.  Did I miss some kind of registration when I loaded the program on my computer?  Where/how can I register my library?
When you installed VDL and Kontakt Player 2, it should have also installed the Native Instruments Service Center. Did you activate it there?
Exactly. Be sure to install the NI Service Center program to manage your VDL activation.

If you didn't install it from the VDL disk, you can download the latest version for free [url=]here[/url].
I've had the same issue today, I did go to the NI website and downloaded the latest version.  Now Finale 2011 just shuts down or freezes on me.  Prior to today, everything was working fine.  Help!!
Hi Scott,

If you downloaded the latest version of Service Center from NI, hopefully you've installed it as well. If that's done, the next thing you'd do is launch Service Center to activate your Virtual Drumline library. I couldn't tell from your message if you had done this yet.

Whether or not VDL is activated on your computer may not have anything to do with Finale crashing, though. If that's something that you're seeing consistently, it might be worth checking with the folks at MakeMusic. They're knowledgeable about using virtual instruments within Finale, so if the problem is related to that, they should be able to help you isolate it.
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