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I think we've had one of these posts a long time ago, although I didn't find it when I searched for it. Since I've made the upgrade to snow leopard and got a new macbook pro, I thought I'd post the apps I really like.

P.S. Sorry for not posting links, but you can find almost all this on

[b]Gimp[/b] - Yay opensource image editing!

[b]Jumpcut[/b] - Copy/paste history in an easy to use statusbar dropdown. I love this program :)

[b]Flip4mac[/b] - Ability to pay windows movie files

[b]xpad[/b] - Really awesome notepad program. Best one i've found. Easy to use, auto save, just brilliant.

[b]istat menu[/b] - I love seeing my CPU/memory/disk history in the status bar :) I also like the way they do date/time better than the mac way cause you can put a fun little ical like icon up there to show you the date as well

[b]Filezilla[/b] - The interface isn't super intuitive, but this is a great FTP client.

[b]Adium[/b] - Everyone knows how awesome this program is for AIM, but did you know that it will also allow you to add facebook chat, and gmail chat as well???

[b]Addressbooksync[/b] - Lets you sync names, pictures, and birthdays from your facebook account to your address book. Won't transfer anything else due to a violation in facebook's TOS

[b]Quinn[/b] - best tetris version in history :) I'm a sucker for the cool sound effects and the undo button :)

[b]iwork 09[/b] - Really solid. I wasn't much of a fan of previous versions, but this one I can live with. Although I do wish pages could do border art.

[b]Notebook 10[/b] - I use the smartboard a lot, but I also like the software for making quick presentations. is a web-based ";photoshop"; that is Mac/Pc compatible.  It has almost the same layout and keyboard shortcuts as photoshop, so I'd use that over gimp. 

A lot of great apps there!  Some of them are ones that I use as well!    Thanks for posting this though! :)
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