Help new to VDL 2.5

Ive read everything on here. I just got finale 2010. I have VDL 2.5. I can load the Drumline instruments and put the channels in and they play right, But when I put the channels in for the Mallets it still plays the stock marimba and vibes. Can someone please help me.
If you are using Finale2010 you can use the VDL/Finale 2009 template but there will be issues with the percussion mapping. Keyboard instruments should work fine. Make sure you are using the Tapspace FULL VDL sounds and not the Finale supplied sounds. Because you mention using the KP2 player this should not be an issue. I don't have Finale available at the moment but will check lateer. There were changes in this setup from previous versions to Finale20010.
Let me make sure i understand correctly. 
1. You have KP2 loaded as a plug-in to Finale
2. ";Play through VST"; is checked,
3. All your keyboard instruments are loaded in KP2
4. The channels are assigned to Finale (a)(channel #) for each of the instruments in KP2
5.  KP2 is the only device/bank showing in the device set-up dialogue box.
6.  In the Instrument Set-up dialogue box, all of the midi channels are correctly assigned to their respective KP2 channels for each instrument
7.  When you have KP2 open, highlight a mallet instrument in KP2.  When you playback your score, do the keys light up for that instrument on KP2 as its part plays back?

Are you using the Tapspace Tenplate for Finale (2008 or 2009)? 

If you are set-up as above, I can't think of how you could be getting playback of the onboard instruments instead of the loaded KP2 instruments.  Maybe someone else has an idea I'm missing? 
I'll try playing with this some more.

I do but it still does not play it plays finale sounds instead but still plays vdl snares
Check under Midi/Audio >>> Instrument Set-up >>> VST Instruments and make sure that you have only Kontakt Player 2 Bank(s) loaded (showing).  You should not see ";Instruments for Finale"; or ";Smartmusic Softsynth"; showing in any of the banks.
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