Manipulating Crush Lengths

Has anyone on here figured out a way to create a really short crush sound within Sibelius 5.2.5? Thanks.
Write a relatively short rhythm, then use the release controller to get the desired buzz length, which is ~C20,[insert value of 0-127]. The attached image pretty well explains it.

To make it look good:
1) Write the desired playback in voice 2 and hide it.
2) Write the desired notation in voice 1 and uncheck the play and pass so only the playback version will play.
3) Do a little dance.
Still not short enough but it will do until a future update of VDL has a really short crush sound.

Your dance failed me, Harmsen.
Try 32nd notes instead of 16ths and use a lower number for the release value. If that's not short enough, use 64th notes.
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