New licensing info for Bernstein arrangements

I just received this from Jeni Paulson from [url=]CopyCat Music Licensing[/url] in regard to some changes Boosey & Hawkes is making when requesting permission to arrange music by Leonard Bernstein. I realize most of you are all set for your Fall arrangements, but this will be important info to consider in the future if arranging Bernstein's music.

Read below for Jeni's message. For questions or assistance with music licensing, she can be reached via the CopyCat website.

[size=9pt][i]Hey Folks,

A quick email to advise you of a change in policy at Boosey & Hawkes regarding future requests to arrange music written by Leonard Bernstein.

The Leonard Bernstein Office, Inc.  will now require that the arrangement respect the melody, rhythm and harmony of the original, and be either of the complete composition or, in arrangements for students, a substantial extract that has a clear beginning and end.  They WILL NOT not give permission for medleys or paraphrases.

Boosey & Hawkes will also now require a copy of the finished arrangement before giving approval.  If the arrangement does not meet the requirements with respect to the use of the music, the request will be denied.  You will, of course, have the option to alter your arrangement to fit their requirements and resubmit, but you will be required to comply with these policies.

Please forward this message on to any arrangers or directors that you feel should be aware of this policy change.  I don't want anyone to get caught at the last minute because they weren't aware of the change.  Boosey & Hawkes has almost always granted permission to arrange the Bernstein works so this will mean that you absolutely have to get approval in advance on these works from now on BEFORE teaching the music to your students, members, etc.  :)

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Best regards,

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I guess that means Aaron Guidry won't be doing any more Bernstein :-)
[quote author=Bryan Harmsen link=topic=3326.msg17569#msg17569 date=1252881512]
I guess that means Aaron Guidry won't be doing any more Bernstein :-)


I wonder if there's a particular offender that brought this on...
I wondered who or what was the offending party in this mess too...
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