Having trouble finding VST .dll file

I bought VDL 2.5 and installed it with the service center.  Everything seemed fine until I tried to move the KontaktPlayer2vst.dll to the finale vsts.  No .dll. I've looked everywhere and even did a computer search.  Nothing.  I've uninstalled and reinstalled many times and still no .dll.  Am I missing something?  I love the VDL 2.5 sounds and want to use it (Especially since I paid for the full Lib.)

Any help on this would be great!  My email is public so If you want to email me there you can.

Thanks guys and happy chopping!


Windows vista
finale 2010
VDL 2.5
*not sure what else you need*
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I split this from the topic under which you posted because your post wasn't relevant to the thread.

Anyhow, you should be looking for the KontaktPlayer2.dll file, not something specific to Virtual Drumline.  The typical place to find it on most Windows Machines is:

C:\Program Files\Native Instruments\Kontakt Player 2\VSTPlugins\KontaktPlayer2.dll

Copy those files into your Finale VST folder, restart Finale, then you should be good to go.
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