Looking for a few Windows XP, Vista, 7 users for a quick test case

Hi folks,

I'm working on an interesting new project that I could use a few sets of extra eyes on. Specifically, I'm looking for people using different versions of the Windows operating system to give a quick compatibility test for a new piece we'll be releasing soon.

There's no 'pay' involved, other than getting your hands on an advance copy of this new piece. It shouldn't take too long to check out. If you're interested, please send me a PM here on the forum, and let me know what version of Windows you're running, and what type of soundcard you're using (including the number of inputs/outputs). I'll then get back to you with the details.

Thanks in advance!

I'm interested in helping out, but for some reason I can't PM people on the forum. You can try my email address.

Hey Josh,

Hmmm, I'm not sure why you can't PM. Usually, you can just click a user's name, then click ";send so-and-so a private message."; Regardless, I'll send you a quick email. Shouldn't take you but a few minutes to look into.

I've received a good bit of feedback from XP users, and won't be needing any more input there.

If, however, you're lucky enough to be using Windows Vista (sorry for the sarcasm), I could still use your help. Just let me know.

Big thanks to those who've offered your assistance thus far. I really appreciate it!
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