I'm having two Problems with VDL and Sibelius 6

Problem 1:  I have the Kontakt player working and installed in the proper file, in Sibelius 6 but when I go to to the ";Add Instruments"; the left hand list does not show the VDL Library title like your pictures show. All the other libraries are there.  I can still assign the VDL sound in the drop down mixer with the score assignments.  And this brings me to the second issue.

Problem 2: I loaded the concert snare drum from the VDL library, but when I play the track, the rolls sound like buzzing and not like the rolls I wrote.  Now, the Sibelius player has the midi snare drum and it rolls correctly without all the buzzing going on.  Can you explain how I can get the drums to roll and not buzz?
Is this problem pertaining to VDL1 or 2.5? You posted in the VDL1 area, so I just wanted to clarify before moving it.
It's  VDL 2.5
Sounds like you're not using the template. It can be purchased here:

If you have purchased the template and set up the sound set, you have to make sure you always use the template (or an imported House Style originating from the template) to get the most out of the software.  Once you are using that, and have a fundamental understanding of how the template and sound set work with VDL, you'll be set to go.

Also, make sure you watch these videos as well as they will help explain how all of this works:

If you are already using the template/sound set combination, then something must not be set up right.
I already purchased the template and I thought I had it set up correctly.  I will view the video and let you know how it works out.  Thank you!
If you're not seeing the ";- VDL Soundset 6.0"; in the list of instruments, it's because you're not actually using the ";VDL_Template_6.0.sib"; file, or a House Style created from that file. The process through which you can accomplish this is documented pretty well in the VDL Template Readme.
After viewing the video and going over the read-me file I was able to get all up and running correctly.  It did take some reinterpertation on my part, but the set-up videos really helped.

Thank you for your replys.  I will let you know if there is anything else I need help with.

Glad to know you got it all worked out!
Bryan, you may very well be the most helpful person on earth.  Just sayin...

Thanks for the continual helpful replies!
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