Play back issues between Accent/Tap

Im fairly new with both Sibelius5 and VDL 2.5.  Alot of my issues were resolved by reading this forum.  I found this thread that pertains to adjusting the contrast between the Accents vs Taps

I did just as the thread said.....Shift=L to turn on my Live Playback, also did this manually, then went into View> and selected Live Playback Velocities.  In the thread it states that you can customize how loud you want accented and non-accented notes.  But after I seleceted Live Playback Velocities, nothing options to customize anything.  Am I missing something?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you

If my signature does not show....I'm working on a Windows Vista, AMD 64 X2 Dual Processor 5000+ 2.60GHz, 2G Ram, Sibelius 5, VDL 2.5, Kontakt 2
I generally use the ";Live Velocity"; option in the Properties window. It is located in the Playback tab.

If you actually want to see the little Live Velocity slider, you can to check ";View > Live Velocity";.
Ok, Thank you, Bryan. 

Is there a way to save the Live Velocity settings once you've set the volume levels to your preference?
Any time you add a Live Velocity, Live Start Position, or Live Duration value to a note, that value is retained, as long as you save the score before closing it.
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