VDL 2.5 Installation problem on new computer

Hey everyone,

So I just got a brand new 17"; Macbook Pro dual core with 4 gigs of RAM.  I want to install VDL 2.5 on it but every time I attempt to install it shows ";Items remaining to be installed-441"; then cuts off and quits the install.  I've already uninstalled it from my other computer.  I noticed someone wrote about having the same problem a couple months back but nobody helped them.  Please help, I just started working at a high school and would really like to start writing some music for them to play using this software, this is the first time this has happened with this.  Thank you.  Oh, I'm running Finale 07 but that shouldn't make a difference right?
Are you using the Leopard Installer patch?  Found here:

Yea, I jus found that.  Running the install now.  Thanks!
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