Help with changing bassline from rim clicks.

I have changed everything that I am suppose to to change the bassline from rim click to actual strokes on the head of the drum. But, everytthing I have changed has done no good. Can anyone help me with this asap. My students need to hear their new cadence tommorw at rehearsal and I can't let them unless they can hear what it is really suppose to sound like. Thanks everyone for your help.
-Are you using the full version of VDL? Updated to 2.5.1?
-Sibelius or Finale? Which version of said program?
-How are you entering your music?
-Are you sure you're using the correct noteheads?

It's hard for us to help you unless you give us a little more information to go on, since we can't see your computer.
Also, are you using a VDL template and any accompanying files (i.e., the correct sound set if you're using Sibelius)?

Assuming you're using one of the VDL templates, be sure to thoroughly review the tutorials available (if you haven't already). Maybe you've already done this, but by the sound of it, there may be some aspect of ";user error"; taking part. If you can give an actual recounting of what you've done, it will certainly help folks here offer tangible advice rather than just guessing.

Just a few details that may be helpful for you to include:

Finale, Sibelius, which version of Finale or Sibelius, RAM, Soundcard, PC, Mac, CPU speed, VDL template version, VDL version, definitive steps you've taken to arrive at where you are currently.

I am using 2.5. And the new version of sibelius. I am using the standard note heads. I am using the mod wheel but everytime I press play on the playback it changes right back to rim clicks.
Are you using the template or not?

If you're not using that to write your music, you're not going to be able to get the proper playback.
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