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Hey guys,

At work we are the Mitchell Mustangs, and I'll be writing us a march. They're a bunch of 10 and 11 year olds, so why not do cheese-fest and go with ";Mustang Pride";?

I need a good horse galop sound, I've always thought castanets were too high. I'm looking for the cocunut sound like in Monty Python.

Hit me...
that, or two LP jam blocks- around $55 to have two pitches.  Used them for many ";sleigh ride"; x-mas concerts.
I think you answered your own question there, Ralph. Use horse's hooves! (the instrument, not the real hoof!) ;)

I think you could make this easily enough with a coconut. In an orchestral setting, I think it's more common to use one in each hand while striking against a flat surface. Can you get coconuts in Texas?

Attached is a photo from [url=]Up Front[/url].

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Can you get coconuts in Texas?

Only pina coladas.
These kids are gonna flip out when we go over coconut technique! I'll go to the local Fiesta (mexican grocery store chain) and get some cocos:)

Thanks guys, helpful as always!
yeah, definitely coconuts...
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