How to line (create) a football field?

Can anyone provide step by step instructions for how to create a football field from scratch? I cannot seem to reach an answer through google. Maybe I'll bing it next.

I know there are some ex-corps members around here who used to line the field. Thanks for the help in advance.
I don't know of any place that has directions online, but getting an accurate start is all based on the Pythagorean theorem (a[sup]2[/sup] + b[sup]2[/sup] = c[sup]2[/sup]), and the rest is a simple matter of measuring.

You'll need a large tape measure (at least 200 ft), a thin rope which will be painted over and paint, obviously.

The first two lines you'll do are the front sideline (FS) and the 50 yd line.  Paint your FS wherever you want it, using the thing rope as a sort of straight edge guide on which you should paint, and mark the 50 in the middle. From there, mark your 5 yd markers from end to end.  These need to be incredibly accurate for the rest of the field to be even close to perfect.  Pay out 200 ft of tape and have someone hold it at the end, 200ft, and 100 ft marks. The end and 200ft people should each go to the 30 yd line on side 1 or side 2, respectively.  The 100 ft person should then pull the tape out onto the field, getting the lengths between persons 1 and 3 as taut as possible, with no bends, curves, or unstraightness at all. That point on the field should be 80ft from the FS and will be the center X. Getting that point right is also very important.

Once that is marked, you can draw your 50, which should extend 160 ft from FS to BS (back sideline). Also mark the 160 mark, so you'll know where the BS should be later.

Then go to each end of the field and have one person hole the tape at the 20 ft mark on the FS and 0 (which should be 30 ft or 10 yds from the side 1 goal line, also could be considered the back boundary of the end zone), person 2 and 3 still on the 100ft and 200ft marks.  Person 1 should be on the 0, person 2 perpendicular to the FS and same distance from the FS as the center X, and person 3 should be on the 10 yd line.  Put a dot where person 2 has their mark (going through the same tightening procedure as when painting the center X).  Paint the side 1 end line (160 ft from FS to BS), marking what should be the intersection of the 0 and BS.  During this process, you should also paint tick marks for your front and back hashe, to be painted once the yardlines and BS are done. Make sure you know whether you need high school, college, or pro hashes before doing this.

Rinse and repeat for side 2. From this point, you should have enough on the field to be done with the tape measure, though it doesn't hurt to check for accuracy.

Paint the BS by intersecting the 0 lines on both ends of the field with the BS mark on the 50.  Paint your ticks along the BS for the yardlines, then paint your yardlines.  Then run the rope across the field from one end to another, connecting the hash tick marks your painted earlier.  Paint your hashes.

Rejoice, because your field is done!  If you know what sort of artwork might be on the 50, you could also take a stab at pointing that on the field, though this would probably be a waste of paint.

Hope this helps! I think I might use this as an educational article.  Thanks for the inspiration to figure out the math.  If anything is unclear, or I skipped something, someone let me know.

For what it's worth, I think that was the first time the super or sub script has been used on here.
Thank you so very much. The janitors are in charge of lining the practice field here and it's not going so well. I don't think they understand the necessity of exactness with regards to the angles and hashes for band. We're going to line the next field. And band is very silly, I agree.
In lieu of the lack of any sort of material geared towards lining a football field, I decided to write one myself.

In the words of Bob Ross, ";Happy Painting and God bless.";

Bryan, you get my vote for most helpful person on earth. Kudos!
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