Sus Cym rolls in Sibelius 6.1

I'm having a problem getting all the suspended cymbal rolls in Rack Combo B to playback in Sibelius 6.1. I'm using the VDL sib 6 template and the notehead numbers are correct. I tried customizing the noteheads and staff positions of those rolls and it didn't work, either. Can anyone point me in the right direction on this?  I couldn't find anything in the forums.  Is it possibly a template issue with 6.1?

I just upgraded to Sibelius 6 from 4 and I also upgraded directly Sibelius to 6.1 because I couldn't find anything telling me to wait in the forums. I'm also using VDL 2.5 on a Mac Pro.
Are you using the tremolo markings as highlighted in the attached image below?  I've been using the template since it was created, on both a Mac and PC and haven't had any problems with it.

This is specified in the Readme that came with the template. Check out pgs. 19 and 54.

Hope this helps!
That did it. . . Thanks!
If all else fails, check out the Readme. There's a wealth of knowledge in there, and a lot of work went into that thing.
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