Sibelius 6 VDL2 Mixer problem

I just downloaded Sibelius 6 and am using VDL2 on a mac running Snow Leopard.  I'm having trouble with the Sibelius mixer. For some reason I can't control the channel setting in the Sibelius mixer to set the right sounds for VDL. Anyone have any idea why this might be and what I should do?
I'm presuming this is Austin.  As per the message I also just sent you earlier:

Make sure you have the latest snow Leopard update from Sibelius - should be 6.1.

Also, you don't use channels anymore, as of Sibelius 5, so not being able to change those is normal.

Sounds like you also might not have the template.

Make sure once you get it, you watch the tutorial videos that Jim put together, as well as giving the Readme that comes with the template a thorough reading.

Most of the time, you won't need to use the Mixer for anything beyond setting you track/instrument levels.
[quote author=WAshockley link=topic=3363.msg17717#msg17717 date=1255730160]
I ... am using VDL2 ...

You will need to upgrade to [url=]VDL 2.5[/url] in order to make use of the Template. Be sure to follow the setup instructions in the Readme for the details.
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