Bell playback in Sib6

I'm having problems getting my orchestral bells playback to work.  I don't get any sound from them on the staff where they should be, but when I lower them a couple octaves below the staff, when the notes turn red, I get playback.  Can anyone help me?  I'm running the VDL6 template with VDL 2.5.1 and Sibelius 6.0.0.  Apologies if this problem has been addressed before, but I couldn't find anything when I did a forum search.
Are you using the Template for all of our playback? If not, you need to make sure you're using that to get the most out of the software. ;

If you [i]are[/i] using the template, it sounds like you're not actually writing into a staff using one of the ";Glockenspiel"; instruments that is in the ";- VDL Template 6.0"; ensemble of instruments.  It might actually be Sibelius' default Bells staff.

I've had people do this with other keyboard staves as well, and playback can get screwy if you're not using a staff that actually comes from the Template file.

Hope this helps.
Like Bryan said, make sure you're using one of the Template instruments. See attached picture.
Yes, I'm using the most current template, and I am using the med bright bell sound from the ";vdl 6.0 sounds"; sound set. Anyone else know what the problem may be?
Did you use an instrument change on an existing non-VDL staff, or did you create the Glockenspiel staff from the Instruments dialog and start writing from there?

If you have the sound set in the correct spot, are using one of the template instruments Hugh suggested (as your starting point in a score), there should be no reason that it's not working.
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