Finale 2010a Maintenance Release available

This just in....

[b]What’s New in Finale 2010a:
[li]New Percussion Functionality including new options in the Percussion MIDI Map Editor that allow you to create custom percussion MIDI maps for ultimate control over the sounds your percussion staves play back.[/li]

[li]Support for Macintosh OS 10.6 (Snow Leopard)[/li]

[li]Enhanced integration of Staff Styles and Linked Parts – Apply Staff Styles to only the part or score you are viewing, and easily update staff styles in a score to match its part and vice versa.[/li]

[li]Classroom and Individual Flash Cards – Finale now includes 271 classroom flash cards to use in front of the classroom and 126 individual flash cards for students to use for self-quizzing.[/li]

[li]30 Ear Training Worksheets for intervals, chords and melodic dictation. Students can print the worksheets, use the Finale Reader to play the examples, and write the answers on the printed worksheets.[/li]

If you're a VDL user and are using Finale 2010, 2010a will be an important maintenance release to open some new doors for integrating VDL into their re-tooled percussion mapping functions. Stay tuned for more info soon.
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