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I know this was posted a while ago, but I am having issues trying to change the channels within Sibelius 5.  I've had VD1 since '04, couldn't use it then with Sibelius.  Now I upgraded to Sibelius 5 and am getting even more frustrated.  I have the full version of Kompakt (bought it the same time in '04 at WGI with VDL1).  Can you guide on where to go to figure this out?  I'd love to use all this software I have purchased... it's just sitting.

I have read the read me file and I have done what Sibelius wants in order to change channels and the mixer won't give me an option to change the channel.

I apologize for the redundancy of this topic.
You don't have the option to change channels in Sibelius 5 or 6.  They are really just in the mixer as reference, for the moments when you might want to go into your VST loaded sampler, or audio program to which you've routed your MIDI data through a virtual MIDI cable (such as MIDI Yoke, if on a PC - what's the Mac option, somebody?).  You have the option to load your own instruments and sounds, rather than using sounds sets and plugins, but most people find that much less convenient than using VDL 2.5 and the supplemental sound sets and templates.

You can use it all in sync. You just have to install said virtual MIDI cable and route your audio out to Kompakt, if that's possible. I never used Kompakt, so I'm not 100% sure that's possible.  Depending on which version of Sibelius 5 (i.e. 5.1, 5.2, 5.2.5, or 5.4) you're using, you'll need to also download the corresponding template. Included in that template is an instrument map that relates to the VDL1 maps, and (someone correct me if I'm wrong) I believe you can use that with the VDL1 library.

Basically, you'll load an instance of MIDI Yoke (pending that you have that installed) as in the image below. And in the Mixer, you'll select that MIDI Yoke 1 output in the red box I have highlighted in the mixer in the below image. Then, in Kompakt, just set your MIDI IN to the same MIDI Yoke you have assigned in Sibelius.

This [i]should[/i] get you up and running, if my understanding of Kompakt is correct.

From that point, the ";Slot"; numbers really just correspond to the channel numbers (in this case the MIDI Yoke channel numbers) in whatever audio program into which you're trying to send the MIDI data from Sibelius.  So Slot 1 would be A1 or Slot 6 -> A6, etc.  It's not as customizable as with Sibelius 4 and later versions, but the goal was to make the program more convenient to use, and most people (especially those who have upgraded or started on VDL 2.5) have most certainly found it much easier to use.

I've been working on updating an old score that I wrote in Sibelius 4 and it was a real eye-opener to how far we've come in terms of ease of use.  Once or if you have the means to do so, it would behoove you to make the move from VDL1 to 2.5.
Thanks so much, I will try that.  I think I will be 'behooved' to just upgrade all my software and start over. Thanks again Bryan!
Glad to help!
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