- Windows 7 student upgrade- $29.99

alright guys, I know most of us here are students, and if not, most of us work at some sort of place of knowledge... and i just wanted to share with you guys that if you have a [B].edu email address[/B] (a student address) you qualify for the student/teacher upgrade to either windows7 home premium or Professional.

for more info go to

Its been a long time since i have posted here, but I just had to share this with a community that has given me so much! its good to be back... finally got my new system up and running and I am anxious to get back into the scene!

[URL=http://";";]direct link to site[/URL]

just FYI - this is all through windows, and is 100% real.
Hey Justin,

Thanks for sharing this. It's a big day with official the arrival of Windows 7!

Looks like your link wasn't formatted properly. Here's the [url=]direct link[/url].
oops, thanks for fixing the link Jim.
Great price! 

I gave the pre-release a whirl and thought it was much better than Vista.  They removed most of the annoyances, cleaned up the UI, and all of my hardware & software worked- either with built-in 7 drivers or older Vista drivers.  I also tried it on a partition using Boot Camp on my MacBook Pro, and all of the drivers on the Snow Leopard DVD worked.

I still prefer XP over Win 7, and OS X over XP though :)
FWIW, once you purchase the upgrade for 29.99 you can opt to upgrade once more to windows7 ultimate for 89.99
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