Sampling: Building a Timpani VI

First of all, I'm not trying to replace my VDL Timp samples— they're great!

I'm currently working at a film scoring house and they pretty much build all of they're sample libraries from scratch. I just finished with a set of Timp ";hits"; but am now working on Timp ";Rolls";. I'm wondering if anyone in the Tapspace world has any knowledge about the best way to cut Timp Rolls so that the release trigger works accurately. Hopefully I can clearly explain...

This is my current process: 1. ";Chop"; the Roll audio so there's no excess noise before or after roll begins/ends. 2. Copy Roll audio. 3. Chop the [i]copied[/i] roll audio as close as I can to the last ";strike"; (or release) of the roll, this is what is supposed to be used as the release trigger. Once the rolls and release (trigger) samples have been cut, they're all dumped into a Keymap for programming.

This method does work (as it's how they've done it in the past) but it's fairly tedious and seems inaccurate as it's difficult to isolate the actual release of a roll, sometimes resulting in a sloppy release when the instument is done. Basically I'm hoping to improve the speed of the process and the quality of the result.

Anyone have experience with sampling that wants to chime in? Let's discuss... :)

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It doesn't seem that this is really an appropriate forum to ask how to build an alternative to VDL.  I understand that it's not really an alternative, per se, however there are plenty of other pro-audio forums where they would probably be able to answer your question just as well.

That would be a better place to start, if you haven't already.
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