flexatone sounds

I'm still using sibelius 5 and I am trying to input notes for flexatones.  Which keys do I use?  I have the part in my score, but my user guide doesn't mention which key to strike.  Thanks for any help.

Hi Dennis! Assuming you're using one of the VDL templates for Sibelius 5, you'll want to select one of the pre-defined Flexatone instruments setup within the template. You can read more about these in the ReadMe file that comes with the template.

The ";high"; and ";low"; instruments can be treated as pitched instruments, so you can just enter notes chromatically, depending on your needs for the part. The ";Flexatone Bends"; instrument would be treated as unpitched.

Here's a snippet from the Readme that gives the rundown:

[url=http://skitch.com/jimcasella/nrsne/flexatones]Click for full size[/url]
The Flexatone Low and High are also just mapped differently but produce the same sounds.

-Flexatone Low maps the sound triggered by C3 on middle C
-Flexatone High maps the sound triggered by C5 on middle C

You should get sounds on those from C3-C4 (low), E4-A4 (bends), and C5-C6 (high) on the keyboard. They'll just be mapped differently depending on which instrument you choose.
Thanks for the info.

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