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Hey guys,

How many of you out there have mirrors set up in your percussion rooms? I have a portable all to myself at my intermediate school and want to get mirrors set up along the wall. The fundraising is completely out of control, so money for it won't be an issue.

Can anyone out there guesstimate as to the dimensions you have installed? I know I'll have to go through the district purchasing department when it comes to buying/installing them, I just want to be able to walk in with all the information when I request it.

Thanks in advance!
I think it depends on how you want to have them set up.  The cost effective way to do it would be to purchase some 4x6, or 5x6 mirrors, and mount them horizontally, starting at around 2.5' to 3' from the floor.  That would be short enough for your shortest kid, but tall enough for a pretty giant junior high kid :-) Since money is not an issue, you could also get the 4x6 or 5x6 and mount them vertically, covering as much of the wall as you want or as money will allow.

You might also want to consider getting ";glasslss"; mirrors, which makes it safer to have on the wall, and less llikely to cause injury, in the event that it some how comes off the wall. You know how dumb junior high kids can be!

That seems like a good starting point, and thos look like pretty comparable prices to the rest of the places on the web that sell them.  Though I'm sure you guys have local places that will sell them as well.
[quote author=Lydian9 link=topic=3378.msg17787#msg17787 date=1256657714]
The fundraising is completely out of control, so money for it won't be an issue.

Aw yes... I can't get a 4.5 octave marimba, but if we ask for a wall to be covered in mirrors, it will literally be done by the end of the week. I'm not kidding...

Every ";coverable"; wall in our facilities is covered in mirrors...
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