Missing Sample

Hi everyone. I have a problem Im using Sibelius 6 with vdl 2.5.1 and I just got a new computer (mac) I used time Machine to restore all my programs  and now whenever I open Sib. up I continue to get a sample missing box  (with a lot of files that seem to missing) that opens up. I click on search files and it seems to fin the files but it opens EVERYTIME I open Sib. up. I was wondering why does this box continue to open even after I click resolve manually it does it again. Can someone please help me with this problem please?
Check to make sure that in the Virtual Drumline 2.5 folder that you have all three .nkx files. These are the large files (over 1GB for the first two and around 100MB for the 3rd) that contain all of the samples.

Also, make sure that Kontakt Player 2 knows where to find the library, as is explained [url=https://www.tapspace.com/forums/index.php?topic=3371.msg17758#msg17758]here[/url].
Thanks Brian for your help. the path file was off it seemed as if I had two folders I just had to pick the right one. But now when Sib. loads it loads the sounds twice whats up with that????
What do you mean you ";had two folders"; and ";it loads the sounds twice";? I've never had this problem and no one else has reported it, or it seems that way, so you're going to have to give a better explanation or more details about what's actually happening.
I had two vdl 2.5 folders in my file path so I click on the other one that was in the file path screen, and it seem to work by that I mean I don't get the missing file screen anymore, but now when Sib. loads the sound sets they load up twice. 
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