Over 20 new concert titles from Tapspace!

It's been a busy year at Tapspace World Headquarters, and we're excited to finally unveil [i]over 20 new concert pieces[/i] for the upcoming 2010 concert season. Just released are new pieces by Jim Casella, Kirk J. Gay, and Robert McClure. Also, we're welcoming three amazing new composers to the Tapspace team: Brian Slawson, Brian Blume, and Jamieson Carr.

[size=11pt][i][url=https://www.tapspace.com/pages.php?pageid=33]Click here to see an overview of all new products and read more about the authors.[/url][/i][/size]
Wow! Talk about Shock n Awe!
Just purchased my copy of ";Dystopia"; & ";NorthHampton";

VERY excited !
Thanks Eric!

This is the biggest collective release we've ever done, so we're really excited as well. Thanks for picking up a couple of them. I hope you enjoy!
Really digging the tunes, but on a serious note:

I'm not able to get my hands on a waterphone, I even took the ";Performance Notes"; idea to check ebay, and found nothing in my school's or my price range.

What would be the best alternative ? I am beginning to understand that there is no perfect alternative, but I would like to know any ideas that would give me the gist of a waterphone sound.
and also, did some research.

Would bowing wrenches be a good idea ?
If you have a bow, I'd say just get out there and start bowing stuff and see what tickles you're fancy. Maybe even go to a hardware store and get creative. Try oven racks, music stands, suspended sheet metal, cookie sheets, pots/pans, clay flower pots. Wrenches? I'm not sure...give it a try!
I too have been looking for a waterphone. I have had some luck on ebay. However, there are two websites you should check out.

http://www.larkinthemorning.com/ - It is pretty cheap. However, they call it an oceanharp. They are out of stock right now, but expect more in December.

http://www.waterphone.com/ - Much more expensive. But, seems to be a good source of information and good products.

Good luck!

Thanks ! That helps a lot !

I've also considered making my own waterphone. I'm assuming it's a lot harder than it looks, but it doesn't look out of reach. If you could give me any feedback on that as to if it's a bad idea, etc etc.

Just a follow up. I did order the ocean harp from Lark in the Morning. It produces a pretty good sound and has worked very well for us so far. My only issue would be durability in a high school setting. I am going to have to baby sit the instrument in order to make sure it lasts through the next few years. But, it does work well! It was only around $300. We are working on Dystopia and it functions very well.
great ! That's awesome you got good results. I just may invest......
Blade is AMAZING!  For those who are more groove/chop oriented, will be VERY pleased with this piece, but it also offers so much musicality and expression.  Thanks for this great piece Ben! 

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