Hello everyone!
I recently purchased VDL and am excited to get going with it!
I was having similar problems as Dylan in a different thread, and after some messaging ended up doing the same thing he did to fix the Kontakt/Finale 2007 'patch' problem.
Now, Kontakt 3 will load perfectly into Finale 2007, as will the VDL sounds. But, when i enter notes on the staff the sounds i hear in Kontakt assigned to the channel do not come from Finale, rather Finale is silent even while it is playing.
I am using Finale 2007 and Kontakt 3. VDL 2.5 (updated) on a Vista machine.
-Will it play sounds in standalone mode?
-Are you using ASIO drivers to produce sound?
-Do you have that selected as your driver/playback device of choice?
Yes, they play in standalone mode when i press the keys, it also plays inside Finale when i press the keys in Kontakt, but after i go to the template to write something in the sounds do not play.
I'm not entirely sure. I am using 'High Definition Audio Device' to produce sound. (Found in my Device manager)

-Edit: After some fidgeting i realised that Finale [i]was[i][/i][/i] playing the sounds. The sounds are almost inaudible compared to the Kontakt playback. Is there a way for me to make this louder within Finale without cranking the volume?
Currently, there are some inconsistencies with running VDL 2.5 within Kontakt 3 (or Kontakt Player 3) which cause many instruments to be extremely soft in volume. We're eventually going to be releasing a library update that will fix this, but in the meantime, you may find it more effective using Kontakt Player 2 for playing back your VDL sounds.
If you're bent on using K3, you can squeeze out a little more volume by trying this:

1) Go to MIDI Menu -> Native Instruments VST Setup
2) Click Edit next to the instance of K3
3) Click on the Edit Instrument icon (Wrench icon, image 1)
4) Click Instrument Options (image 2)
5) Uncheck 'Accept Standard Controllers for Volume and Pan' (image 3)
6) Turn up the instrument's volume a few dB's (image 4)

You won't want to push this too far however, since you'll run into some nasty distortion pretty quickly.
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