re: LP vs. Remo Hand Drums...

Hey guys,

I got approval from my principal to create a drum ensemble for the special education department at my school. We're talking 15-20 kids at a time, ages 10-12 of varying modifications. Lot's of sweet kids with paraprofessionals as far as the eye can see. It's gonna be awesome!

I don't want to label it as a ";Brazilian Ensemble"; or an ";Afro Cuban Ensemble";, just a bunch of different sized hand drums, shakers, etc. I'm not too concerned with being called out on my musical integrity, having pandeiro's and djun djun's in the same group:)

Any suggestions out there as far as what kinds of drums to get? I especially need help finding the right sizes for such little hands. It looks like what would be perfect falls right between the LP RhythmMix (too small and cheap) and the LP Aspire Series (possibly too big?).

We might be getting a government grant for it, I'll let you know what it's like to spend some of your stimulus money:)

I'm sorry to be posting nothing but Watercooler stuff lately. Once I wrap my head around this Sib 6 thing, I promise I'll start being more productive!!
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