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I recently installed Sibelius 6 and Virtual Drumline 2.5 on my new PC (running xp pro).  The first problem I had was getting The kontakt player to show up in my available devices in the playback devices menu.  I remedied this (kind of) by going to the audio engine options and rescanning for new instruments.  After restarting Sibelius I was able to activate The kontakt two player.  However, I am now having issues with inputting threw my midi key board.  The keyboard is inputting notes into Finale, but not where it is supposed to according to the Virtual Drum Line keymap, and the way the program has worked before when I used it. When I try to input notes by clicking, it is obvious that the Virtual Drumline samples are not being played (it sounds more like a general midi sample and the pitches sound the same between some of the bass and tenor drums).  I don't know if that is because they have to be entered by a keyboard to engage the virtual drum line sample.

To remedy the keyboard issue I have gone to preferences and messed with the note input option, switching from ";the instrument option"; and the ";MIDI keyboard option";.  I have also tried a whole bunch of random things in the playback devices menu, with no success.

My keyboard is a Casio lk-100.  It is pretty cheap, but it has worked properly before on a mac computer for me.  And I also have a motu midi interface I am using to connect it to my computer.

Any suggestions?  I am starting to get kind of frustrated . . .

Is this your first time installing Sibelius?

-[b]Kontakt 2 Player issue[/b]: Make sure you have copied the KontaktPlayer2.dll VST file from the Kontakt Player 2 VST folder (which should be loacted under ";Program Files/Native Instruments/Kontakt Player 2/VSTplugins"; I think) to the Sibelius VST folder. Once you have that squared away, the KP2 will show up in the available devices.

-[b]Mapping and Sounds Issue[/b]: Are you using the Sibelius 6 Template? If not, make sure you are using that as the starting point for your compositions in which you intend to use the VDL sounds. This Template comes included with the Sibelius 6 Soundset, which is what communicates between Sibelius and the Template. Instructions on what to do with this are included with the Template packet.

-[b]Keyboard Issue[/b]: Try going to Preferences > Input Devices and click ";Find new input devices";.  Does this make your keyboard pop up in the list of devices?
Ok the copying of files worked for the sounds.  Should have known that since I have read about it a million times.

The keyboard issue is still not fixed, and no this is not my first time installing.  I installed the same software and used the same keyboard on a mac before getting my new PC.  Right now, for example, if I hit the f# or g# that is supposed to input a regular snare hit on the c space, it puts an x note on the g space above the staff.  I already tried doing the find new device and that's how I got the keyboard to input anything at all. Now I just want it to input what I want it to.

Anymore suggestions? Thank you Bryan for the help you have already given.

I lied. The sound problem is not fixed.  After loading the Sibelius 6 template and adding snare and tenor, the sounds seemed to be working fine.  But after I switched it to manual snare and tenor in the mixer, it went back to the wrong sounds.  :( 

Someone help me!

You shouldn't have to fool with the mixer to change sounds. If you have the sound set in the right place, have it selected in your instance(s) of Kontakt Player 2 (in the drop down menu for sound set selection), and are writing in the template, you shouldn't be getting incorrect sounds.

When you start a new score, or change instruments in an existing one, you need to make sure you're choosing the ones from the ";- VDL Template 6.0"; Ensemble, ";Drumline Battery"; family, etc.  Otherwise, you're not using the correct map.  You can't just use the Sibelius default snare map and change the sounds in the mixer, as it is the VDL Template maps that give it its functionailty and ability to communicate with the sound set and Sibelius.

Your weird noteheads on the wrong place are probably a result of this, and really has nothing to do with the keyboard.  If you are getting sound when pressing keys on the keyboard, then it's doing it's job.  Some people can't get any sounds at all, which is normally an issue with drivers.
Alright got most of it figured out.  One more problem though.  When I initially punch in the notes there is no sound. When I play it back there is sound, just not when I first put them in.  Thanks for your patience and help so far.

Make sure that in [b]Preferences > Input Devices[/b] you have [b]MIDI Thru[/b] checked.

After that, you should be good to go.
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