Something screwy with Sibelius 6 and VDL


Here is a brief description of what is the issue.

I had a MacBook that ran Sib 6 and VDL perfectly.  No issues at all.

I go to do some writing today (haven't used done that in a few months), and Sib no longer is using the VDL 2.5 for the mallet sounds (only doing mallet parts as of now).  I realized this problem when the bell part was transposing wrong, and wasn't playing in the usual octave.

It turns out, I no longer have the Kontakt Player 2 AU available.  The patches are still installed.  Just no AU plugin available under Playback Devices.

In the last 2 months, I erased a user account.  I bought the MacBook used, and the original owners account was still on it.  I created my own account, after I got sick of seeing someone else's name.  Once I created my new account and made it an administrator, I erased the other.  Could this have caused the problem?  If so, how do I get Sib to recognize that KP2 is installed and to find the AU plugin.
The default location of the Kontakt Player 2 Audio unit (filename: [i]KontaktPlayer2.component[/i]) is:
[b]Macintosh HD>Library>Audio>Plug-ins>Components[/b]

Any .component files (aka AUs) in this folder should be accessible to all users, regardless of who's logged in, administrator or otherwise. Check that location, and if you don't see [b]KontaktPlayer2.component[/b] there, you can re-run the [url=]Leopard installer[/url] for VDL 2.5, and only choose to install the Audio Unit plug-in.
This is bizarre. I'm also running Snow Leopard and haven't had the problem you're describing. 
Odd, I looked for the files he mentioned, and they don't exist.  This is now on 2 different Macs, I am sure someone else has noticed this.  Anybody else notice the AU plugin of KP2 is missing in the devices.
Here is another issue I have found.  It might have to do with Snow Leopard.  I went to my desktop, which has always been mine, original user, etc.  Nothing has changed except the upgrade to snow leopard.  It too no longer shows AU as an available plugin, however, I do see AU in the devices being used list.  I am not going to change anything, because it is working.  But does anybody see this happening?
I tried using the VST plugin, and while it works, it seems to load so much slower than the AU plugins used to.

Anyways, I did attempt a reinstall of KP2 (before posting original message) and the VDL sound samples.  I know need to get the 2.5.1 update.  However, it still did not recognize the AU plugin.  When I updated KP2 to the update that came out in 2007, I did a custom install and made sure that the AU plugin was selected.  Still nothing.  I am not sure what to make of this.
When installing software on Macs (like on PCs as well for some programs), you are normally asked if you want all users to have access to the apps, or if you just want yourself (the person installing) to have access.  It seems that you would have access, sinc you are an admin, but it wouldn't hurt to reinstall and see if that fixes the problem.  Erasing the user account very well might have messed something up. 

If all else fails, doing a fresh install is always a safe bet.  The cool thing about Macs is that you don't have to worry about copying .dll files or anything to get the VSTs or AUs to show up, so it seems that a file is just missing.
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