Jeff Queen

I was just watching the video of his I&E thing from '95 on this site.

For me, that is the single most flawless, impressive display of skill on a rudimental snare drum in the history of snare drumming. I hesitate to say that I'm not sure why he didn't get a 100, because that turns this in to a conversation (or monologue, in this case) about the accuracy of judging and all of that crap. But what I really want to say is that Queen strikes me as being nothing less than the single most skilled rudimental snare drummer in public view.

I pretty much think that Mike McIntosh walks on water, because of the ";fun factor"; in the stuff he writes (and because he was a pretty monstrous player himself). I can't get enough of Danny Raymond, Jr., because his appraoch to the instrument is so mature. I'm blown away by Rick Beckham, because he's got some serious chops. Nat Barouch, Kevin Murray, Roger Carter, Tyler Dempsy, Naioki Ishakawa, some of these Scottish cats, some of these drumset drummers with hands... Same story.

But, in my mind, there really isn't anything being done with a pair of drum sticks that seems more precise, aggressive, controlled, intelligent, emotional or FAST than what Jeff Queen does.

Really the Franz Liszt of the world of rudimental snare drumming.


Franz Liszt:

(This guy's Youtube channel is amazing).
Jeez, my karma's off the hook. I'm starting to think that there are some people here who don't like me.

But seriously, I'm on this two-day classical music binge, so I've found a few YouTube channels worth checking out. Here's one of them: Not necessarily the most obscure, sophisticated pieces on earth. Just a nice collection of the ";greatest hits"; from some of the big names. Might be a good resource for some of the younger viewers here.

And yeah... Jeff Queen... Beastly.
Another snare drummer to add to my personal pantheon of snare drummer gods:

I don't know what was going on at BD in 1987, but they had like 5 different dudes who were just f�ۢ�ۢ�ۢing awesome.
Best Jeff Queen performance on YouTube:

You just don't see normal people playing paradiddles so FAST.

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