Virtual MIDI Cables

Hey guys I have a few questions concerning Sib. 6 and VDL 2. I have recently upgraded to Sib. 6 and I would like to be able to use VDL 2 with it. The problem I am having with this 1. is VDL 2 compatible with Sib. 6? 2. I use Reason 4.0 along with the Axiom 49 MIDI controller and in order to use that I needed to delete my virtual midi cable. It was conflicting with reason.

How can I use both programs and run everything with out them conflicting with each other? I would like to use Sib. 6 with VDL 2 but not have to delete the virtual cable everytime and the reinstall it.

Thanks for the help.

Thanks Jim. $69 for the upgrade? That's awesome. I never considered that. That sounds like a plan and thanks again for the fast response.

Hi Chad,

The only way to use VDL2 with Sibelius 6 is to run it in standalone mode sending MIDI data out via a virtual MIDI cable like you described. VDL2 uses an older version of Kontakt Player that's not compatible within Sibelius 6.

However, if you update to VDL 2.5 (only $69 if you're a registered VDL2 user), you can simply host Kontakt Player 2 (which comes with VDL 2.5) within Sibelius 6. This is [i]much[/i] more convenient than using virtual midi cables since it'll save the plugin info within each Sibelius score. The new soundworld system within Sibelius 5/6 is completely integrated within the [url=]VDL Templates[/url] for Sibelius. No more midi channels, or running two apps in tandem would be necessary.

[url=]Click here[/url] for a video intro to Sibelius' soundworld, and how the VDL Templates integrate into Sibelius here. The tutorials should give you a good sense of how much more integrated it would be to work this way than with virtual midi cables.

If you decide to update to VDL 2.5, you can do that [url=]here[/url].
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