Bass drum issues

To anyone who knows,

    I just bought VDL 2.5 and sibelius 6 to write parts with the various indoor and outdoor percussion ensembles I work with as MIDI files just are not cutting it anymore.  However, I am having problems getting an actual bass drum sound from the files.  Everything else works just as it should and I can get any sound from the bass drums except the normal sound of bass drum mallets on drum.....I can get dreads, rods, rims, I understand the keyswitch and Modwheel but nothing seems to be working.  I have contacted Sibelius and NI but neither have been much help.  Any ideas?!?!?!
Glad to hear you got everything under control!
Yeah, I read the entire readme and watched all of the tutorial videos.  I think it is under control for now.  The template made life much easier as well.
Also, you may find these [url=]VDL Template for Sibelius video tutorials[/url] rather helpful. They cover a lot of the main concepts you'll need to know.

The ReadMe will definitely be your VDL bible while working in Sibelius. Get to know it well.
It's quite a bit of reading but I'm sure it is worth it, thanks.
As long as you set it up as it describes in the [b]Readme[/b] that comes with it, you should be good to go.
Just did that now I'm waiting for the payment to clear to download it.  I talked to others who use VDL 2.5 and sibelius and they said the same thing so as soon as that comes in I will find out if that helps.
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