VDL 3.0?

Jim (and other Tapspace folks),

I have recently moved to my 5th computer since owning VDL 2.5.  While it is always great to go through the hassle of installing it (on Mac OS not supported by Kontakt without the use of a installer app), and trying to make sure that everything is updated properly.  I am wondering if there is a VDL 3 currently in the works?  I am also curious about what the new version of VDL 3 might include. 

Just trying to do some planning.  There is a great chance I will be buying a new desktop shortly after the first of the year, and if I know one is in he works, that might help me decide to wait just a little longer for the new version.

Thanks for all the great work!
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Hi Robby,

If we have any announcements for something like this in the future, we'll make them when the time is right. As of now, I'd recommend you don't let the possibility of future libraries affect your hardware decisions. Since VDL 2.5 came out, there's still been a lot of development behind the scenes, mainly in ensuring VDL's continued integration into Finale and Sibelius, and it's in a continual state of evolution as software and operating systems continue to change. Basically, it's important to us that the current version of VDL continues to function well rather than throwing a ton of new bells and whistles at you each year. I can speak from experience that more libraries makes hardware upgrades even more daunting.

Sorry if that's not the answer you're looking for, but hopefully you'll feel confident moving forward knowing that VDL will continue to be strong in any systems you upgrade to.
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