KontaktPlayer 2 and Sib. 6 Issues

Good morning everyone. When I go into Sib. 6 playback devices, it does not give me the option in available devices to choose kontaktplayer 2 for VDL 2.5. It does not even show that option in the menu.

I have copied VDL_SOUNDSET_6.0 into the correct folder, but that is where my progress ends. Any advice on how to correct this issue.

Thanks guys for your time and energy.


If you copied the sound set into the folder [i]while[/i] Sibelius was open, you'll need to restart Sibelius in order for the program to recognize it.

Once you are able to see ";KontaktPlayer2"; in the ";Available devices"; pane, to be able to access it, all you should have to do is [b]create a new custom playback configuration[/b]. Once created, you will now be able to select said device.

Let us know ...


Thanks for the response with this. I have done all of the above with Sibelius. I have gone through the read me text and this subject and found that when copying the files to Sibelius you 2 choices as to which file to save it to. The 1.c:documents and settings/username...file and 2. the program file. I am unable to save it to the first file. I have no idea why but I was able to save it to the second file with no success. But I have been going through the texts and video tutorials here. I will again try to get it accomplished this tonight.

I will most certainly let you know how it goes and thanks again for the response.

What operating system are you using? There may be some permission settings you need to change in order to be able to copy the file.
I am using windows XP. I tried again this morning and put everything in the right files but nothing yet. Thanks again for the response.

All the right files have been copied to all the right folders. I just cannot get Sib. 6 to recognize the kontakt player 2 in the available devices menu. I have unistalled and reloaded all the programs and copied all the files to the folders. I think it might be a Sib. 6 issue. Not sure though.
Okay I think I have finally figured it out. Kontakt Player 2 is now in the available devices. Now I can move on a bit. Thanks everyone. :D
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