a FREE percussion christmas album for you all

Finished my Christmas 'CD' a couple weeks ago --right before my wife went into the hospital for a STILL unknown blood dease.  Actually found out she was admitted Friday of PASIC where I had to leave early :^( (shortly after I talked to you at the booth Jim).  Didnt know how bad it was going to end up being, but she was air lifted from our cities hospital to IU Med center in INDY a few days later. 

ANYWAY....to make a long story short, I posted my album on my site which is a free download to anyone who wants it.  Since we have aquired around $250k in medical bills in the last 2 weeks (who knew MRIs where 5K each? -- we had 3 of them)  I set up a donation button on there also, anything from 1¢ and up is accepted AND appreciated.  Some VERY generous friends and clients of mine have helped immensely. I feel extra blessed.

So ANYWAY...again, please enjoy my new project.  Click [url=http://web.mac.com/sonordrum/Steel_Drum/ChristmasCD.html]http://web.mac.com/sonordrum/Steel_Drum/ChristmasCD.html[/url]  and the FREE link is at the very bottom of the page.

Happy Holidays.
Kent Arnsbarger
Nice, Kent!

I'll have to burn a cope of this for the drive home tomorrow.
well hope you like it.  There are several VDL2.5 sounds (very first thing you hear --- sleigh bells) are on it throughout.

Ken - thanks for sharing this, and good luck to you and your family as you face these challenging times together. Hopefully your generosity of sharing your Christmas CD will be reciprocated as you move ahead. Can't think of a better way to get in the holiday spirit than with some new percussion-centric Christmas tunes. Cool stuff!

Warm holiday wishes, and thank you again for sharing this.
thank YOU Jim, for so many things.  It's been an roller coster journey.  She's home now and still with no diagnosis on what it is she has.  We may never know. but we know what it's NOT and that's huge.  Now we are trying to foucus on getting her blood counts back up to at least kind of normal and dealing with the ever challenging aspect of her ruptured disc in her back that got us into the hospital to begin with.  The pain from this alone would certainly be enough for anyone to have to deal with, but couple it with the other aspects and it's a lot for everyone.

You certainly wont be WOW'd by anything on my rushed album, but it might bring a smile.... ;)
Thanks for sharing, and I hope your wife is recovering well.  My kids are wiggling to the music right now. 
my daughter LOVES my Jingle Bells.  Shes 4 and even gets her 2 year old brother dancing to it.  Seems to be the ONLY one she dose like though...
I remembered this thread from last year and now I have my own album to share. It's not a percussion based album, nor does it have any VDL samples. However, I am a percussionist and I played on and produced the album as well as recorded and mixed it all. Here is the link for the free download. Enjoy, percussion family. Thanks for the inspiration, Kent.

Thanks again Kent!!  Good stuff man!
no problem Dave, glad you like it!
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