Cheap CD/DVD Duplication

Hi All,

Just wanted to let you all know, I found a GREAT service for duplicating your CDs and DVDs.

It's a company in New York, and their prices are unbelievable! I had them duplicate a CD of a band I was in 10 years ago to give out to friends and was BLOWN AWAY by the quality.

The service is all inclusive...duplication, full color tray cards, inserts, and CD printing, FREE bar code, and shrink wrapping. I was skeptical when I saw the pricing (I got 30 copies for $57.00 shipped!, That's only $1.90 a disc!), but was amazed at the finished product. This would be a great way to duplicate your ensemble or performance CDs for fundraising efforts.

This service is completely automated, and there are minimal options (1 sheet, 2 sided insert card is the only option) but the price is unbeatable.

There are NO MINIMUM ORDERS, NO SET UP FEES, and they will ship you a free review copy!

They will also ship to and CDBaby for you.

Check it out!

the site is
Good to know!

Thanks for sharing!
CD/DVD production is almost completely automated now.  I have done ads for a company that lets you choose video clips from a website to build your own custom DVD.  Even the DVD menu is personalized- all done automatically.  I wish DCI & WGI would use it... it would only cost them a few dollars per DVD and let people make their own corps/year selections :)

(Services like this also show you how much record labels profit more than the artists, who only make about $1 when a $15 CD is sold.)
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