Multiple sound set playback

I'm in the process of writing a percussion piece but am unable to get the Synthesizer to play back; the VDL stuff is playing just fine but I really need to be able to hear the synth as well. How do I go about getting everything to play?


Based on your subject line, I'll assume you're using Sibelius?

Since your synth sounds will be coming from a different library than VDL, what you'll want to do is add a separate instance of another playback device and assign it a sound set that contains a synth patch. If you're using Sibelius 6, you could activate an instance of Sibelius Player in the playback devices window, and assign the ";essentials"; sound set to it. Since that device/library contains some synth sounds, it should automatically assign some synth sounds to your synth staff.
Yeah I'm using Sibelius. I forgot to clarify, sorry. Thank you for the help
No worries, Nick. Hopefully you're all squared away now!
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