Kontakt Player 2 & Sib. 6

Dear Technology Gods,

I have a Sib 6 as well as VDL 2.5, both installed in the last few months and both working well until a few days ago. When I set up a score via the Sib 6 VDL template it has no sound on the playback. I have all the sounds setup in the proper folders, as well as Kontakt player with VDL soundset 6.0 set up on my playback. I am pretty sure I also have all the updates from NI. When I test Kontakt Player 2 in the playback window it has no sound. It seems that the sounds are simply not loading or Kontakt and Sib. 6 are not talking. Thoughts?????



MacBook Pro
2.8 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
4 GB Memory
VDL 2.5
When installing VDL, did you drag the NKX files to the Virtual Drumline 2.5 folder?  Sounds like you have all of the other pieces in place, if they are set up as you say they are.

The NKX files are the 3 large files (between 1.9GB and 100MB) on the VDL DVD.
Here's something else you should check.

1) Launch Kontakt Player in standalone mode.
2) Click the [b]Options[/b] button, then click the [b]Load[/b] tab.
3) On the selection that says [i]";Load instruments/banks/multis in purged mode";[/i], be sure this box is NOT checked.
4) Close the options window, and quit Kontakt Player.

By default, ";Purged Mode"; is de-selected, but if you unknowingly activated it at some point, it means that instruments will load with no sample data, resulting in no sound.
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