Brass samples

so tapspace did such a wonderful job sampling and setting up vdl, and i realize this is a percussion type forum, but has there been any movement on creating a corps brass soundset? im sure this has come up at least one or two million times by now. But, I'm also surprised that nothing has come out yet. I understand that it would be one hell of a project, but i think it would be totally worth it!

Ive tinkered around in gigastudio with things like crossfading, like blending multiple samples so that you could do things like crescendo a soft brass tone to into a loud brassy in your face sound, so i know its possible. Anyone have any input? Ive seen plenty for the symphonic idom, but its just not the same!
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Garritan has it's Concert and Marching library.  It's not bad for the price.  Definitely not up there with the Quantum Leap and Project SAM stuff, but it's only $199.

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