Kontakt Player 2 folder has a - in it.

Hello all,

I've experienced computer problems (desktop) recently and had to erase my hard drive and reinstall OS X Leopard to get everything running smoothly.

After the OS was installed I did a migration assistant to copy my laptop hard drive to my desktop hard drive. I went to see if everything transfered o.k. and my Kontakt Player 2 folder has a dash inside a red circle on it.  I wasn't for sure if this had anything to do with downloading the VDL 2.5 Leopard installer, so I followed those instructions.  Still no KP2 icon to open VDL with.  Please help. 

Here are my specs.  Mac Pro, 4GB Ram, 250hd, 500hd, OS 10.5.8, VDL 2.5.1

I just received Sib 6 in the mail and am looking forward to start some work for the upcoming seasons.  I hope this is an easy fix.  Thanks
By what you're describing, it sounds like you might not have Sibelius' audio settings going to the correct output. Try this:

1) Go into your ";Playback Devices"; window and click the [b]Audio Engine Options[/b] button.
2) Under ";Interface"; be sure you've selected the device from which you want to hear playback.
3) Check a loaded instrument in Kontakt Player to see if you hear it now.
I'm not quite for sure what I did.  I reinstalled the leopard patch, changed the audio output in the Audio Engines Option, and things seem o.k. so far.  Hope this was it. Thanks again.

Yes, I double checked the pathway of the 6.0 template.  Now, this may help or hurt, I don't know.  I am going through the Trigger test videos and test world b, and rhythm steel triggers and the KP2 player loaded the instruments and the playback is still from my tower, while however itunes and any other device is playing back through my speakers. 

I'm so sorry this is such an issue, and I really appreciate your help. 

I just deleted the configurations I had made with the VDL 6.0 soundset, and tried to test the stock configurations.  The Kontakt Essentials 16 sounds shows as a VST and I tested to the playback under the test button, and recieved ";KontaktPlayer2 file was not found. Please check if library is installed correctly";.
Are you sure the 6.0 sound set is in the right place? Make sure you've copied it to the folder that belongs to the new user:

[i]Macintosh HD/Users/[new migrated username]/Library/Application Support/Sibelius Software/Sibelius 6/Sounds[/i] (might have to create the sounds folder)

It sounds like everything is installed properly, but the sound set is just not in the correct directory. We're getting close :-)
no, they did not....

from the playback devices menu, I loaded an instrument from the ";show me"; option and it played back thru the tower, not my speakers.  Everything else plays back through the speakers, KP2 in stand alone playes back through the speakers. However the KP2 didn't load instruments once I selected various instruments from the instruments menu.  hope this is helpful
I'm presuming you're using the Sib6 Template. Are the sounds actually loading into KP2 when you've started a score i.e. are the appropriate keys on the KP2 keyboard turning blue once the instruments have loaded?
Just when I thought I was out of the woods, there is no playback from the VDL 6.0 soundset.  I have opened Kontakt Player 2 by itself and loaded a sound, works.  I opened the mixer in Sibelius with the 6.0 soundset and clicked show me, and no sound came from tapping on the keyboard provided in the KP2 player.  I haven't finished all the tutorial videos yet, so there may be something in there that helps, and I will watch.  I also went into sibelius preferences to make sure my imput devices are set up correctly, and I see the green light when I tap my keyboard.  Also the noteheads are being displayed correctly for certain sounds, but no playback. 

Jeremy - glad to hear you're on track, despite the various hassles. Thanks for letting us know. Onward!
Hey guys, thanks for all your help.  For some odd reason it didn't work with the main CPU admin/my name account, it works fine with the imported one and I spoke with somenoe today at apple and we just erased the username.  Thanks again, I did learn a lot about my system and the mistakes I made during this upgrade.  No more upgrades for a while for me.  Thanks again.

Touche - I think it was time for me to go to bed when I read your message, since I just glossed over it and read your .plist file as a KP2 file.

Those types of utilities can be really helpful. I'm not sure if it would clean out preferences specific to VDL 2.5 or just KontaktPlayer2. Since VDL isn't technically an application, I'm not sure if AppCleaner would work in this scenario. If so, that'd be a much simpler way to go.
Also, for what it's worth, there is an app out there called AppCleaner that will essentially do what Jim told you do, by finding all files related to Kontakt Player 2.  Basically, you drag the app (in this case KP2) onto AppCleaner and it will find those files for you.

For future reference.
You'll need to trash any lingering preference files for VDL 2.5. Do a search for this:

[b]com.native-instruments.Virtual Drumline 2.5.plist[/b]

You should find there are two files with this same name.

One is at:
Macintosh HD>Library>Preferences

The other is at:
Macintosh HD>Users>[i]yourusername[/i]>Library>Preferences

Toss both of these out. Also throw out the entire VDL 2.5 folder (if it's in a ";Tapspace"; folder, you might want to consider throwing that entire Tapspace folder out).

Once you've done this, reinstall VDL using the [url=https://www.tapspace.com/Downloads-Updates-p-2.html#VDL25LeopardInstaller]Leopard Installer[/url]. Once that's done, remember it's very important to drag the three .nkx filed from your VDL DVD into the newly created VDL 2.5 folder.

Launch Service Center, and you should be asked to authorize VDL 2.5. Once you do this, you can download the 2.5.1 updater from within the ";Updates"; section of Service Center. Run that installer, and you should be good to go.

Sorry for all the hassle! The good news is that once you're up and running, you won't have to worry about all this stuff until your next computer upgrade (minus the migration assistant). :)
seriously, I don't get this. 

It has to do with the migration assistant as Jim said,

I have my admin/username, and the copied username.  I sign in under the ";migrated"; user name, everything works.  I'm clearly not a savaunt with electronics, will there be any worries by staying signed in under this user?
What's the most efficient way to do a fresh install, do I need to drag my Kontakt Player 2 folder to the trash and insert the dvd and installer?
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