Sibelius 5 reinstallation problems

Hi all,

After my previous laptop's motherboard failed, I purchased a new Mac Book Pro running OS X version 10.6.2. Since the hard drive on my now dead computer was still intact, the apple store was able to transfer its contents to my new computer. Not realizing there was an OS incompatibility conflict, I uninstalled Sibelius 5 after it crashed repeated and attempted to reinstall. I planned to upgrade to 5.4 to get aroudn the OS issues in the short term and eventually do the upgrade to 6 in the next month or so.

I have deleted the sibelius 5 application itself, along with the entire Sibelius software directory and kontakt player directories. I also deleted the sibelius and kontakt player preferences file as recommended in the sibelius manual. Upon attempting to re-install the sibelius sound essentials I found that the install would run almost instantly and the result would be two blank directories (applications>sibelius software>sibelius sounds>essentials). This installer should also instal kontakt player, which it does not. Subsequently, when I open sibelius it prompts me to find all the sound files, which are not on my computer. I installed VDL 2.5 in hopes that might help things, but it had no net effect and sibelius did not find the VDL sound files either

Anyone know of a way to get the installer to actually install the sound files? I tried it on a PC laptop and it worked just fine. Will upgrading to 6 help this problem? or make it so I can at least get the sound essentials installed?

Hi Casey,

I think this is a problem with the Sibelius Essentials Installer (for Sib 5) being incompatible with Leopard. We had the same problem with VDL, since it also uses the NI Kontakt Player. To remedy this, you'll download a patched installer from the Sibelius website, and once that's run, you manually drag the .nkx file(s) for Essentials from your Sibelius 5 DVD onto your computer.

The Sibelius website has an article about this process here:

Thanks Jim... that article did the trick.

One thing to note for anyone else having this problem is that most of the installers require some type of patch to work on leopard. If an installer isnt working, check online for a patch and things should work.
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