Computer can't keep time

So, recently my playback has been randomly speeding up and slowing down.  It's like brief lapses of time and it usually occurs when the rhythms get faster.  I tried messing around with playback options with no luck.  I have a pretty decent computer so I am hoping that is not the issue.

Any suggestions?

Could you be more about what you mean by slowing down and speeding up? I'm presuming you don't mean tempo, and are talking more so about a slight hiccup in the sound, perhaps.

Read that, and give a little more information about your system in your net post.  It sounds like it could be a latency and/or buffer issue, in which case you'll want to do adjust your soundcard settings to a more optimal amount.  That doesn't necessarily mean it needs to be higher, since having the latency too high can produce strange playback just as much as a setting that is too low.  You'll also want to look at maybe raising the buffer to something slightly higher as well (i.e. should be something like 1024, 2056, etc).  Sometimes, these two go hand in hand, depending on your soundcard. 

Hope this helps.
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