New to VDL need help with Tenor sounds

  I just purchased VDL 2.5. I am using it  on a mac and I have finale 2008. I am trying to figure it out and when I am working with the tenors I am curious how to get it to change the sounds like it use to in finale by pressing plus to go through the sounds like it does with snare. Or how to get the buzz sounds, shots, etc to work in my finale. Thanks for any help!
wjduffy -

Are you using the [url=]Finale 2008 template[/url]?
I am using VDL 2.5 with Finale 2008 also! I'm actually having the same problem. I cannot seem to find any rim shots at all.
duncando -

Are you using the [url=]Finale 2008 template[/url]?
Yes. Sorry I forgot to specify, I am already using the template.
What percussion map do you have assigned to the tenor staff? This is accomplished vie the Staff Tool, and you'll want to be sure you're choosing the VDL Tenor map that corresponds to the patch you've loaded into Kontakt Player.

This is most efficient using the speedy entry tool and your MIDI keyboard as an input device. Select the tenor measure you'd like to enter a rimshot on (so it becomes framed), then on your MIDI keyboard hold down one of the rimshot keys (in Tenorline Manual, this would be any note between F2-E3), then enter the rhythm (8th note, 16th note, etc) on the computer's keypad.
Hey guys -

if you check out the General Subject board Sticky Topics you will see a thread where you can download the updated keymaps for all the Tapspace instruments (shown in a keyboard format).  I found these very valuable when starting off using VDL and Finale and it also shows when you need to use a modwheel setting to obtain a particular sound.  You shouldn't need to set the modwheel in your score for a rimshot on the tenors since the value range is 00-31 and that's the default setting in Finale when you load KP2.  But if you ever want to get rim clicks you are going to need to change the modwheel setting (i don't think the 2008 template came with built-in expressions for that, I'm thinking that started with the 2009 template?).

Expressions for modwheel changes, keyswitches, etc. showed up in the 2009 templates.
And don't forget that you can always create your own expressions that will trigger modwheel changes. Check your help files to find out how to do this.
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