Error Message when trying the Finale Template

I'm receiving the following message upon attempting to enter a note in the VDL finale 2010 template:

Missing requested Audio Unit fx plugin: Garritan: Ambience for final mix slot #1

I've installed the Finale 2010a update from the finale site as well as the garritan aria update.

Thanks for any advice you can give on this subject. I'm running VDL 2.5 on a macbook version 10.5.8, 2.2 GHz, 4 GB RAM, Finale 2010 and Sibelius 5
This nothing to worry about. You can load still load the effect.

The playback doesn't work after this error message shows up. Any suggestions?
Select the Ambience effect and load it into the slot. If you don't want to hear the effect applied to your playback check the box next to the slot to bypass the effect. The Garritan: Ambience effect is installed when you installed Finale, so if you are having problems with the effect itself try reinstalling just the effect.
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