finale 2010 and vdl2.5

how do i change the sounds... like a rimshot is clickin the rim and i dont like the way the basses sound
First, you've not given a very explanation of what your problem is. By ";like a rimshot is clickin the rim";, are you referring to the snare or bass instrument?

Also, it seems that you are using the full version of VDL, since you described it was VDL 2.5.  If so, have you purchased the template here:

That template, and the files that come with it, are integral to making sure that Finale 2010 and VDL2.5 play nice.  Once you have purchased that, make sure you READ the set up guide that explains how to set it up and use it.

Hope this helps.
yes i have set everything up.. but the snare rim shots sound like rim clicks... and one question, in finale is it suppose to be VDlite?? Or should it say something else??
i went back to step one to set it up and when i get to step 3 the examples dont look like what i have on my computer
on finale... under midi menu... it doesn't say play finale through native instruments.... what am i doing wrong???
As I suggested in your other thread, you haven't listed your system specs.  Are you on a Mac or PC?  That will help determine how to begin helping you.

Depending on whether you're on a PC or Mac, and pending that you have everything setup and installed properly, you'll see two different things:

Mac: MIDI > Play Finale Through Audio Units
PC: MIDI > Play Finale Through VSTs

1. Go to MIDI/Audio>Instrument Setup> Audio Units Instruments. (If you are using a Windows OS it will say ���VST Instruments�۝.)

2. The Audio Units (or VST) Instruments dialog box will appear. Select Native Instruments: Kontakt Player 2, this is the device from which your VDL instruments will play back.

3. Once you�۪ve loaded an instance of Kontakt Player 2, click the little pencil icon next to it to bring forth the Kontakt Player interface. Within Kontakt Player, load the VDL instruments you�۪d like to use within your score. Make sure that the MIDI channel assignments in each Kontakt Player instrument match the settings found within Window>Instrument List.

4. On the far right side of the Instrument List, you�۪ll see a Percussion MIDI Maps column. These menus have a list of the available percussion maps. The percussion maps here are the same ones found in the Percussion Layout Selection window which is accessible via the Staff Attributes window. Make certain you are using corresponding maps/layouts in both places.

If you have everything installed properly, you see be good to go after that.  Onc again, are you on a Mac or PC?
I've got everything working properly now thanks.. one last thing, when i try to use the showstyle tenor i dont get any sound on pplayback or anything.. im using a pc, windows vista, all the other sounds are working
nevermind... everything is fixed
Glad you got that all worked out. Sometimes, you just have to chip away until you finally get everything in place.
spoke to soon.... the section hits isn't given me any sound (snare) and snare drum is giving me a crushed sound... any tips???
Are you actually starting using one of the Outdoor or Indoor .mus template files that came with the Finale 2010 Template packet? If you're using one of the template files and are using your computer keyboard for note entry, you should see the Note Types being listed when you enter into Speedy Entry mode on the SnareLine instruments.

It sounds like you might just be entering notes, and note making sure they are the correct Note Types. Read your 2010 Template Readme for more information on this.

Are you entering your music using a MIDI keyboard or your computer keyboard? 
midi keyboard or using the mouse.... ad the snare sounds like one snare instead of a snareline... and im using the outdoor template. and i made sure i was puttin in the correct notes

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