Audiophile 2496 and Finale 2009

I have the Audiophile 2496 audio card in my computer with the latest drivers from M-Audio.  When I go to the audio setup in finale and I select the M-Audio ASIO driver, I can only select left or right channel output, but no stereo output is available.  Stereo is available with the other driver selections, but performance is not as good.  When I was on windows XP this wasn't an issue.  Does anybody have any ideas on a solution so I can have stereo output with the M-Audtio drivers?  I attached a screen shot of my audio setup within finale.
Have you tried using [url=]ASIO4ALL[/url] instead? When I was sill on a PC, I always used that instead of the M-Audio ASIO drivers, as it always seemed more reliable for some reason.

Hope this helps.
Download and install ASIO4ALL.

You can select that as your ASIO driver, and Finale will still play back via your Audiophile.

(Same steps apply for your Audiophile).
Thanks guys.  Yeah, I already have ASIO4ALL installed, I just didn't like the performance I was getting with that driver.  I'll tweak around with the settings and see if I can get better playback on ASIO4ALL.  I wonder why you can only select one channel and not stereo?
Have you updated the M-Audio drivers recently?

Something changed in the driver within the past few months or so that caused this.  For some reason Finale is only seeing L and R channels, which it did not do last year.

If you open the ASIO4ALL control panel (down by your time and date), how high are the buffer settings?
This is not an issue with the M-Audio drivers. They work perfectly well with all other Audio aplications. This issue is specific to the ASIO implementation in Finale 2009 and Finale 2010. ASIO4All is the only current solution.

It also appears to be a Windows 7 or Vista interaction as all was working fine back in Windows XP for me.

Well, it worked just fine when 2009 and 2010 were released.  I rolled back the Delta driver on my Vista computer and it functions as expected, so something changed in the driver that Finale did not like.
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